Reelgood is the leading all-in-one streaming TV guide for mobile. A San Francisco based Series A start-up offering a free consumer product as well as B2B services including streaming catalog data and industry insights for tech companies, studios and hedge funds.


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How a tiny startup fixed the future of TV

Reelgood doesn’t make shows, and it doesn’t make TVs. What it does is try to make sense of the future of TV and movies — and it’s doing that really well.

Management Team

David Sanderson
CEO of Reelgood
Eric Oldfield
Pablo Aulestia
Head of Data
Eli Chamberlin
Head of Product & Design
Catharine Burhenne
Head of Marketing
Tim Cutting
GM of Commercial
Shuchi Mather
VP of Customer Experience

Company information:

MyFlickList, Inc.
Founded 2015


548 Market St
PMB 74368
San Francisco, California 94104-5401

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