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Reelgood provides rich metadata and streaming availability information for over 200,000 movies and shows across over 180 streaming services.

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This document shows examples of available metadata and streaming services.

Data Definitions

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Content Metadata

Metadata fields available for movies, shows, episodes, including definitions and examples

People Metadata

Metadata fields available for people, including definitions 7 examples.

Streaming Services

Streaming services covered by the Reelgood API & by region

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Supported genres and tags.

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Data Definitions

VOD Streaming ServiceVideo On Demand streaming service: Service that delivers movies or TV shows OTT (“over the top” via the Internet) directly to consumers to be watched immediately, rather than downloaded or watched at a specific broadcast time. Bypasses cable, broadcast, and satellite TV platforms.Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hule, etc.
MovieA story or event recorded by a camera as a set of moving images and shown in a theater or on television; a motion picture.Pulp Fiction
ShowContent produced for broadcast via over-the-air, satellite, cable, or internet and typically viewed on a television set, excluding breaking news, advertisements, or trailersStranger Things
EpisodeA coherent narrative unit within a larger dramatic work known as a ShowChapter Three: Holly Jolly

Content Metadata

Streaming MoviesStreaming TV DefinitionExamples
Movie TitleShow TitleThe Name of a Movie or ShowPulp Fiction, Seinfield, Stranger Things Chapter Three: Holly Jolly
Movie Poster 2:3Show Poster 2:3The primary digital picture corresponding with a particular Movie or Show. Approximately a 2:3 aspect ratio, vertically oriented, often 780×1170 resolution.
Movie Poster 16:9Show Poster 16:9A secondary digital picture corresponding with a particular Movie or Show. Approximately a 16:9 aspect ratio, horizontally oriented, often 1920×1080 resolution.
Movie Background Image 16:9Show Background Image 16:9A secondary digital picture corresponding with a particular Movie or Show. Approximately a 16:9 aspect ratio, horizontally oriented, often 1920×1080 resolution.
Movie GenreShow GenreA category of artistic composition, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.Drama, Mystery, Crime, Thriller
Movie TagsShow TagsElement or attribute of importance to a Movie or Showscience, gangster, sports, drug, war, religion, time-travel
Movie Age ClassificationShow Age ClassificationClassification based on age to indicate the suitability of a Movie or Show for different age rangesAge 18+
Movie Production CompanyShow Production CompanyThe company or companies responsible for the development and filming of a specific piece of content“A Band Apart”, “Jersey Films”, Miramax
Movie LanguageShow LanguageTwo-letter code indicating the original language of the titleen, fr, de, es
Movie Popularity ScoreShow Popularity ScoreComputed aggregate of behavioral data on the Reelgood site and apps, including tracking and playback, for the past 30 days. The popularity score ranges from 10-100 and is computed separately for Movies and Shows.95.81979
Movie Trailer URLShow Trailer URLA short promotional video showing highlights of the content to generate interest
Episode Image 16:9A digital image corresponding with a particular Episode. Approximately a 16:9 aspect ratio, horizontally oriented, often 800×450 resolution.
Show StatusThe indicator if a Show is still in producing new episodes (Continuing) or if it is no longer making new epsiodes (Ended)“Stranger Things”: Continuing”The Office”: Ended
Show NetworkThe company responsible for distribution of a ShowNetflix, “Antena 3”
Episode Sequence NumberEpisode Sequence Number3.0016
Episode NumberA number indicating the ordering of Episodes within a single season of a show3
Episode Release DateThe date an Episode original air date2015-04-17
Movie Streaming Service AvailabilityEpisode Streaming Service AvailabilityA list of streaming services on which a Movie or Episode is available to watchnetflix-netflix-subscription, microsoft-microsoft-purchase, itunes-itunes-purchase, etc.
Movie Rent/Buy Prices (on applicable services)Episode Rent/Buy Prices (on applicable services)The rent or purchase price for a Movie or Episode for services that include rent or purchase options. Often includes different pricing for HD or SD content. Also includes the currency type for multiregion.Rent SD: $3.99; Rent HD: $4.99; Buy SD: $8.99; Buy HD: $10.99; Rent SD: €3.99; Rent HD: €4.99; Buy SD: €8.99; Buy HD: €10.99;
Movie DeeplinksShow/Episode DeeplinksThe link to open a Movie or Episode on the respective streaming service in a browser.Available for web, iOS, Android, LGTV, Android TV & Fire TV. Please reach out if you need an additional platform.
Movie Factual MetadataShow/Episode Factual MetadataAdditional factual metadata fields available
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People Metadata

Movie IDUnique Reelgood ID for the movie, which can be linked to the Movie metadatac08414fe-49c3-4654-b3a3-5a792e4891d8
Person IDUnique Reelgood ID for the person, which can be linked to the People metadata055d4e97-c44e-49f2-8e28-f9692575749b
Role TypeRole of person in this movieDirector
RankRank of the actor indicating how important they are for that movie8
Person NameNameGwyneth Paltrow
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Streaming Services (US, UK, and more coming soon)

Display NameHistorical Archive AvailabilityAccess TypeSource ID
60 Minutes All AccessSep 2019Subscription60_minutes_all_access-60_minutes_all_access-subscription
A&E (Via Cable/Satellite Provider)Sep 2019TV Everywhereae_tveverywhere-ae_tveverywhere-tv_everywhere
Disney +Nov 2019Subscriptiondisney_plus-disney_plus-subscription
HBO MaxMay 2020Subscriptionhbo_max-hbo_max-subscription
NetflixSep 2019Subscriptionnetflix-netflix-subscription
Paramount +March 2020Subscriptionparamount_plus-paramount_plus-subscription
Paramount + (Prime Video)March 2020Subscriptionparamount_plus-amazon_prime-subscription
PlutoTVSep 2019Freeplutotv-plutotv-free
VuduSep 2019Rent/Buyvudu-vudu-purchase
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Genres & Tags

Streaming GenresTags
Action AdventureComedyChildrenApocalypseBritish HumourBollywood
CrimeGame ShowHistoryChristmasDisneyDisaster
Home & GardenMusicMysteryHeroismHuntingMagic
SuspenseWesternand more..Time-TravelZombieand more..

Upcoming Countries

Country NameRegionCountry Code
New ZealandOceaniaNZ
and more…