Viewership Insights

Audience Insights


Viewership Insights provides insights on consumer engagement from the millions of Reelgood subscribers that tune into our platform to find what to watch & where on a daily basis.

These charts offers a comprehensive, cross-platform view of streaming viewership trends. Data from 150+ streaming services in the US enables companies to identify opportunities for growth, optimize pricing and distribution strategies, and create content that resonates with their target audience. Reelgood's product empowers companies to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition in this rapidly evolving landscape.

How does it help Customers?

VI provides valuable insights to customers allowing them to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving streaming landscape by ...

  • Identifying any emerging trends across the content on their platform
  • Assessing their own market share compared to competitors
  • Exploring potential partnership opportunities with streaming services
  • Gaining meaningful insights into their audiences' viewing habits
  • Understanding content development and improving content discovery
  • Figuring out audiences' subscription behaviors
  • Analyzing subscriber reach for different services & identifying growth opportunities

What does it Provide?

  • OTT universe of 150+ streaming services in the United States & growing internationally
  • Data represents streaming activity across 150K+ movies, 20K+ shows, and 1.3M+ episodes
  • Categorized with granular, normalized genres and tags
  • Viewing share is based on the number of streams that users initiate from the Reelgood product. Users can stream movies or TV episodes
  • Historical data with monthly and weekly granularity
  • For any given month, subscribers are measured among Reelgood active users in that month

Learn how Viewership Insights enables data-driven decisions