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Reelgood data in action

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Power your Streaming Guides

Leverage Reelgood’s Streaming Availability Data and enable users to browse, search, discover and watch content across services seamlessly from your application. Drive trust and retention with high-quality, comprehensive Metadata. Powered by Reelgood popularity data, show titles that will appeal most to them.

  • Availability Data & Streaming Channel Deeplinks
  • TV & Movie Metadata
  • Popularity Data powered by Millions of Reelgood Users

Evaluate Potential Service Partner Catalogs

Understand your partner catalogs better than your own. Discover overlaps, gaps, and deep catalog, and recent additions.

Tabulated based on what our millions of users are watching and interacting with in our consumer service.

Results are published weekly in our consumer product, newsletter, blog, and major media outlets worldwide.


What’s Available?

This document shows all available metadata and streaming services.

Pricing varies based on selected metadata, streaming services, frequency, and delivery mechanism.

Data Definitions

Definition of Key Terms

Content Metadata

Metadata fields available for movies, shows and episodes, including definitions and examples.

People Metadata

Metadata fields available for people, including definitions and examples.

Content Metadata API

Genre & Tag List

Supported genres and tags

Global Coverage

Countries that will be added in the future

Data Services

Whether you are building your own Streaming Guide, or analyzing the data of the most popular streaming services such as Netflix, HBO Max & Disney +

Reelgood licenses access to all the data that powers the Reelgood consumer service.

Consumer Streaming Guides

Reelgood Streaming Availability & Deeplinks are available for licensing to power your application.

Streaming Charts

Reelgood Top 10 Streaming Charts & Lists are tabulated using Reelgood Usage Data.

Insights Dashboards

Streaming Catalog & Engagement Data is available as a Dashboard – no coding required!

Target Audiences – Product Developers

Application Developers, Data Automation, Pay TV Operators, Search Engines, Smart TVs Manufacturers, Connected Auto, AI, Voice Assistants, Metaverse

Target Audience – Researchers

Journalists, Media, Bloggers, Internal Content Analytics, Data Researchers, Higher Education, Hedge Funds, Entertainment Investors

How does it help Customers?

Content Insights have been playing a critical role in the industry by allowing media companies to ...

  • Grow their customer base and forecast performance
  • Drive content acquisition, development, and pricing strategies
  • Source potential partnerships
  • Understand Content trends to help justify Investments based on historical performing trends

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